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REG Process

Ormat’s Ormat Energy Converter (OEC) is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle – a thermodynamic process that transfers heat to an organic motive fluid that is vaporized. 


Recovered Energy Generation takes the heat  from an industrial process.  Inside the heat exchangers, the industrial waste heat heats a conductive thermal oil and vaporizes a secondary working or motive fluid, such as pentane, which is organic, with a low boiling point.The organic vapors drive the turbine and turns a generator.  The vapors are then are condensed in a condenser, which is cooled by either air or water.

The condensed motive fluid is recycled back through the  heat exchangers by a pump completing the cycle in a closed system.

The cooled thermal oil passes through preheaters, warming the motive fluid, and is sent back to the heat recovery units to capture the heat again.  

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