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About this Group

This Group is for the benefit of all the owners and operators of Ormat Recovered Energy Generation (REG) plants worldwide.  Owners and operators of geothermal plants using the Ormat Energy Converter (OEC) technology are also welcome to join in the forum.

We welcome an open dialogue and encourage the the free flow of ideas and experience to help inform the excellent operations and maintenance of Omrat REG units. 


This User Group has 3 Objectives:

#1) Build a Community

The more people who join the group, the more helpful the peer-to-peer support becomes and the more powerful the user group's voice is in operations and future product development.  The UG is intended to provide support and to help make our jobs as owners and operators and make their organizations more successful.  Please share this site with relevant people in your organization.

#2) Learn from shared experience

As owners and operators and employees, we have a lot of money and resources, and time and energy invested in our REG projects.  We  want to learn and grow in our jobs, and operate our plants in the best way possible.  By sharing our experience with this group, we hope to have the best plant or project possible. 


 #3) Give Owners and Operators a Voice

This user groups is created, owned and moderated by users, for users. It is operated independent of Ormat, but Ormat is welcome member and participant in the forum. We seek to empower owners and operators and other users of Ormat's REG technology with a single, strong voice with complex issues and concerns.

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